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Secrets of Versailles

ISBN 9782840967514
14.3 x 21.1 cm
208 pages
210 photographs and documents
Date de parution : 13/07/2011


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Secrets of Versailles

The palace and beyond

Nicolas B. Jacquet

A royal lookout in the heart of the city, a fireproof ministry, a garden built as an Anglo-Chinese folly, peculiar paving stones in front of the Palace entrance, hidden passageways and staircases, an amazing “Room of Beauties,” an old wall in the roof space above the Hall of Mirrors, courtiers at the corners of a ceiling, the workshop of an ironworking king, a kennel in an antechamber, an eighteenth-century clock programmed to work until 9999, the desk which ended a world war, a giant underground water tank, a farm on the royal grounds, sleighs for sliding along the frozen Grand Canal, enigmatic female sphinxes… the curiosities and secrets of Versailles still have surprises in store!

Historien de l’art et de l’architecture, Nicolas B. Jacquet est notamment l’auteur, aux éditions Parigramme, de Versailles secret et insolite et de Secrets et curiosités des jardins de Versailles.

Art historian specializing in architecture, Nicolas B. Jacquet is namely the author of Secret of Versailles and Secrets et curiosités des jardins de Versailles, also published by Parigramme.

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